Retain the original character and style of your property

We restore, repair, draught proof and double glaze your original sash windows & casement windows adding value and security to your home and saving you money on your bills.

Double Glazing
Your original windows

Double Glazing

Re Stor Midlands can double glaze your existing timber windows without the costly expense and disruption of replacing the whole sash box and frames.  Using a slimlite double glazed unit we are able to fit this into the existing frame which means the original look of the window is retained. By doing so the home owner gains all the thermal and sound benefits without compromising the charm, character or value of your property.  

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No more cold and draughts

Draught Proofing

The draught proofing system is fully incorporated within the components of the window itself. It is fitted sympathetically by use of timber beadings which are routed to incorporate the carrier and weather shield pile. The carrier holds the brush pile firmly in place to form a barrier against detrimental weather conditions but does not compromise the window’s function. When the window is closed the system is virtually invisible.

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Repair and Refurbishment
Keep the beauty

Repair and Refurbishment

Where timber decay has affected the window frame, this can be repaired with our specialist timber resin repair system. Typical problems affecting timber windows are caused by lack of maintenance and general wear and tear. Full operational condition will be restored after our experienced technicians overhaul, repair and adjust the window.

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Bespoke Joinery
Stand out from the crowd!

Bespoke Joinery

We offer a range of professional carpentry services in the Midlands, producing stunning timber windows & doors. All projects undertaken are guaranteed to be of the very highest professional quality, ensuring our beautiful pieces blend in effortlessly with their unique surroundings.

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We are committed to saving your original windows and returning them to full working order. We can do the following singularly or as a whole.

1Identify and cut out any rot and splice in new timber and fill with a 2-part epoxy resin filler (this filler should not be confused with cheaper polyester based fillers available at DIY stores) which will not crack or loosen.

2Replace cracked or broken glass and re-putty or bead your sash windows.

3Clean inside sash side boxes to ensure smooth cord and weight operation-on your sash windows.

4We can also weatherseal all round the window with new pre-fitted brush pile wooden beads and also seals to top, middle and bottom of window to provide rattle free draught proofing.

5Replace any broken or missing cords.

6 Replace window furniture from pulleys and lifts to improve window operation, to catches, ring pulls and handles to make your windows look stunning, available in solid brass, bright chrome, and satin chrome. See more of what we do on our Services Page.

We can also refurbish and or weatherseal or double glaze period wooden casement windows fitting new locks and window furniture in brass / chrome or cast iron.

The Sash Windows, with their subtle proportions and elegance, were one of the most important visual elements in buildings of the 18th and 19th Centuries.

By Victorian times, they were the most popular form of window. In the past fifty or so years, however, their popularity declined.

But with the growth of a more enlightened attitude towards conservation and growing appreciation of the craftsmanship and design that went into everyday buildings of the 18th and 19th Centuries, sash windows once more enjoy a revival.

Keeping and restoring your original period windows will not only preserve your homes unique character it can also increase its value checkout out the links on our window furniture page for reasons NOT TO GO PLASTIC!